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Cheap Keyword Research Tools 2023

Welcome to the fabulous world of keyword research, where the real treasure lies buried beneath the digital sands of the internet. In this age of information overload, finding the right keywords can be as elusive as a magical unicorn. But fret not, dear readers, for we have the perfect lineup of cheap keyword research tools that will help you dig up those sparkling gems without breaking the bank!

SE Ranking

Keyword Research Tools

SE Ranking is like having your very own SEO campaign sidekick – it’s reliable, powerful, and has all the bells and whistles you need to conquer the search engine jungle. This tool not only gives you search volume data and traffic analysis, but it also lets you spy on your rivals’ keywords. Talk about leveling up your competitive game! With SE Ranking, you can compare your keywords with your competitors and see who’s winning the SEO battle royale. You can compare a list of your competitors’ keywords and analyze them against essential SEO metrics, such as search volume, keyword difficulty, rankings, CPC, etc.

Keyword Research Tools

SE Ranking gives the best value SEO insights on the market

Chris Kirker


Keyword Research Tools

If keyword research were a magical realm, WebCEO would be the enchanting wizard that grants all your keyword wishes. This tool’s keyword suggestion feature is pure sorcery! It can whip up content ideas from various sources in seconds. Plus, WebCEO sprinkles valuable metrics like global monthly searches, cost per click, and bid competition, making it easier than ever to choose the right keywords to slay the search dragons.

Keyword Research Tools


Keyword Research Tools

Imagine a tool that reads people’s minds and predicts their search queries – that’s AnswerThePublic for you! This nifty keyword research tool goes beyond the usual data and presents search queries in a visual format. It reveals the burning questions people have related to your keyword, like a virtual detective solving mysteries! With AnswerThePublic, you’ll discover what people really want, and that’s the key to unlocking SEO success. Its keyword visualization feature also shows suggestions for comparisons (or, vs., and, etc.). The paid version offers more useful features, like data comparison over time, monitoring and alerts, and customized viewing.


Keyword Research Tools

In the quest for valuable keywords, QuestionDB is your trusty compass, pointing you to a treasure trove of 48 million questions! It scours popular platforms like Reddit, Quora, and Stack Exchange to bring you the most asked questions related to your topic. Forget generic content; with QuestionDB, you’ll create expert pieces that resonate with your audience and leave them craving for more! Its free version allows 50 results per search question with the option to gain access to the paid one for unlimited searchers, API access, and complete results. With QuestionDB, you can enter a broader topic or keyword, giving you a list of related questions that people often ask online. Moreover, the tool will also show sources where these questions come from.


Keyword Research Tools

If keyword research were a talent show, Soovle would be the star performer juggling search engines like a pro! This tool gives you insights from multiple platforms like YouTube, Bing, Google, Amazon, and more. Soovle helps you understand search intent from various angles, like a master detective examining a case from different perspectives. With its drag-and-drop feature, you can easily save their specific keywords into the Saved Suggestions list and send it to your team so that they can refer to it later. No search engine can hide from Soovle’s watchful eye! Soovle doesn’t show search volume, cost data, or competition, but it is great for revealing content ideas and understanding search intent in particular cases.


Dear keyword hunters, 2023 is the year to arm yourselves with these pocket-friendly keyword research tools. Remember, finding the right keywords is like embarking on a thrilling adventure – you need the right tools to navigate the ever-changing landscape of SEO. Choose wisely, and happy hunting!

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