Lewis Studio Website

Lewis Studio is an interior designing agency specializing in creating beautiful and functional spaces for its clients. In June 2022, the company engaged our paid search media marketing services to help promote its business and attract more clients.


Lewis Studio faced several challenges in its digital marketing efforts.

  • Lack of visibility on search engines.
  • The company had a limited budget for paid advertising.
  • Lack of proper guidance and targeted marketing.

Services We Provided

We developed a comprehensive paid search media marketing strategy for Lewis Studio so that they can grow in the crowded industry of interior design.

Paid Social Media Marketing

We provided paid search media marketing strategy, which included search engine optimization, targeted keyword implementation, and a cost-effective pay-per-click advertising campaign.


To address these challenges, we provided the company with a customized strategy. This included optimizing their website for search engines and using targeted keywords to increase visibility. We also implemented a cost-effective pay-per-click advertising campaign that helped the company to generate leads and increase its customer base.

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