Molly Maid

Molly Maid provides professional house cleaning services. In August 2022, the company approached us for help with its email marketing efforts.


Before working with us, Molly Maid struggled a lot. 

  • Their open and click-through rates were low.
  • They had difficulty tracking the success of their campaigns.
  • The company had limited resources and expertise in email marketing.

Services We Provided

It took a lot of work for them to make meaningful improvements on their own, so we provided them with an email marketing service. 

Email Marketing

We helped Molly Maid in creating a visually appealing and effective email campaign which helped them in all ways possible.


By segmenting their email list and creating personalized content, we were able to increase the open and click-through rates. We also set up tracking and reporting mechanisms to help the company measure the success of its campaigns and make data-driven decisions. With our help, Molly Maid was able to improve the effectiveness of their email marketing and achieve their business goals.

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