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Feburary 25th, 2022

Timeless Pearl is a pearl jewelry brand that specializes in high-quality, timeless pearl jewelry. They approached us in May 2022 for help with their organic social media marketing efforts.


Before working with us, Timeless Pearl had a limited social media presence and struggled to generate consistent engagement and sales from their organic social media efforts.

  • They needed help creating engaging and compelling content.
  • They needed more resources to devote to their social media marketing efforts.
  • They needed to catch up in the jewelry industry

Services We Provided

We helped them increase their reach and engagement on social media platforms without relying on paid advertising.

Organic Social Media Marketing

The service involved creating and sharing valuable and relevant content that resonates with the target audience.


Our agency worked closely with Might Munch to understand its goals and target audience. After that, we completely redesigned their website, including improved UI/UX and a consistent brand message throughout. Additionally, we implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy that helped the website to rank higher in search engines, resulting in increased visibility and online sales.

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