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The Use of AI by Canva – 5 Features That Will Shock You!

So, our fellow creative minds, are you tired of spending hours tweaking your designs? Well, we have got some news for you! Canva, the graphic design platform we all know and love, has upped its game with the power of artificial intelligence (AI). Brace yourselves because I’m about to unveil the use of AI by Canva that will leave you gobsmacked!

Magic Resize

Say goodbye to the tedious task of manually resizing your designs. Canva’s AI-powered Magic Resize feature does the heavy lifting for you. With a single click, you can magically transform your design into multiple sizes, perfectly tailored for various social media platforms. It’s like having a personal design assistant that knows all the dimensions and rules, saving you time and effort. It’s pure wizardry!

Source: Canva

Background Remover

Remember when removing backgrounds was a painstaking process involving complex software? Well, Canva’s AI has your back! The Background Remover feature automatically detects and removes the background from your images, allowing you to create stunning designs with ease. No more wrestling with intricate selection tools or spending hours on tutorials. Canva’s AI does the trick, making you feel like a design superhero!

Design Suggestions

Are you feeling a bit stuck in a creative rut? Fear not! Canva’s AI can jumpstart your inspiration with its Design Suggestions feature. Simply upload your content, and the AI analyzes it to provide you with a wide range of design ideas and templates that match your style. It’s like having a personal muse guiding you through the design process. Who knew AI could be so creative?

Use of AI by Canva
Use of AI by Canva

Magic Edit

let me introduce you to a mind-boggling feature that will make you question reality itself: Canva’s Magic Edit AI! Picture this: you have an image, and there’s a specific area you want to tweak, whether it’s swapping out a background or adding a touch of pizzazz. Well, hold onto your hats because, with the Magic Edit AI feature, you can simply highlight the area you want to change and describe what you have in mind. Canva’s AI then works its wizardry and presents you with a range of suggestions that align with your description. It’s like having a design genie who understands your wishes and grants them with style and finesse. You can now make edits that are as magical as unicorns frolicking in a field of rainbows! It’s time to let your imagination run wild with Canva’s AI-powered Magic Edit feature.

Step 1:

Step 1

Step 2:

Step 2

Step 3:

Step 3

Step 4:

Step 4

Color Palette Generator

Are you tired of agonizing over color choices? Let Canva’s AI be your color consultant! The Color Palette Generator analyzes your design and suggests harmonious color schemes that will make your creations shine. Whether you want to evoke tranquility or grab attention, Canva’s AI can effortlessly guide you toward the perfect palette. It’s like having an artistic genius sprinkling color magic all over your designs!

Color Palatte Generator


Now, you may be wondering, “How does Canva’s AI work its magic?” Well, the folks at Canva have trained their AI models using vast amounts of data and sophisticated algorithms. By leveraging machine learning techniques, Canva’s AI has become a design wizard capable of understanding and adapting to users’ needs. It’s the perfect blend of human creativity and cutting-edge technology!

So, next time you’re designing with Canva, keep an eye out for these mind-blowing AI-powered features. They’ll save you time, unleash your creativity, and make your designs truly stand out. Canva’s AI is like a trusty sidekick, empowering you to create with ease and flair. If you want to leave all this in the hands of professionals, so your brand can grow in a better way, Dymentions is here for you. Contact us to get a trusted multidimensional digital partner who can take these AI to the best use possible for your brand to soar to new heights.

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