American Engineering

Harry gill
Logo Design, Graphic Design

February 15th, 2022


The client complained that the website and logo did not truly encapsulate the essence of what they wanted to represent. The website’s UI was very outdated, overcrowded, and the elements were not balanced. The load time was also very slow.


We designed a completely new logo for the brand by using a white, blue, and yellow color theme. By abbreviating the name of the brand and adding it into the logo, we made it easier for users and customers to understand and recognize the brand, helping make it distinct.

A complete website overhaul was recommended. We started by designing a simple and minimalistic logo with a color theme which matched with the ideology of the brand. A new versatile, dynamic, and responsive website was constructed from the ground up keeping in mind the color theme of the logo and the users perspective. Plugins were added to increase functionality and improve User Experience.